Much like the majestic bird, the Peacock 34″ Table lamp is the epitome of elegance, glamour, and colorful allure that we cannot help to appreciate. The Peacock offers a 15″ rounded corner square drum shade on white linen, that perfectly accents the sleek, high gloss teal body. A gleaming gold leaf trim lines the silky teal center, and ends in four dainty feet at the base. The Peacock is the absolute necessity for any coastal, glam, or beachy-chic style home, but is versatile to be an eye-catching addition to any style living room, bedroom, or office space for all the right reasons!


15/15″ x 15/15″ x 12″H Square Rounded Corner Hardback Shade in White Linen

Peacock Teal Table Lamp &#8211...